"Capturing what made Pink Floyd iconic is a hard thing to do, and Pigs on the Wing come as close as anyone we've heard. That looming mystique, that inscrutable grandiosity......Those qualities are alive and well with Pigs on the Wing." - Adam McKinney, OLY ARTS 5/10/17

In many ways, the story behind Pigs on the Wing is an unlikely one. Tracing its roots to a one-off performance in a now defunct Portland, Oregon venue in 2006, the original intentions behind the band never reached beyond a single performance. However, the ensuing 11 years have found Pigs on the Wing's regional fanbase growing exponentially alongside the band themselves as musicians and the scale of the show as an immersive audio-visual experience. Pigs on the Wing has steadily developed a reputation for delivering a high quality, high energy take on Pink Floyd's music steeped in the NW's own rich musical heritage. All of the members of the band are seasoned veterans of the NW's original rock scene and balance a decidedly un-tribute like attitude towards the music with a deep understanding of the precision and importance of Pink Floyd in many fans' lives. The result is a sound and experience both refreshing in delivery and yet true to the original - something the band believes sets it apart from other Pink Floyd tributes.

Pigs on the Wing has in recent years featured full album performances of Dark Side of the Moon; The Wall; Wish You Were Here, and Animals - and regularly performs music from all eras of Pink Floyd's career. The band has appeared at numerous festivals and events as well as the circuit of theaters, performing arts centers, and music venues throughout the Western United States. In December 2017, Pigs on the Wing released NW: Live, an album of live recordings from their 2016-17 tour showcasing the band's unique approach and high energy take on Pink Floyd.

Pigs on the Wing is:
Jason Baker ( guitar, vocals )
Matt Jones ( keys, vocals )
Eric Welder ( bass )
Bryan Fairfield ( drums )
David Lindenbaum ( guitar, vocals )
Keeley St. Clair ( backing vocals )
Holly Brooks ( backing vocals )
Pete Galluzzo ( saxophone )