past shows
01.25.20Portland, ORRevolution Hall
12.07.19Bingen, WAThe Bingen Theater
11.09.19Spokane, WABing Crosby Theater
10.12.19Moscow, IDKenworthy Performing Arts Center
10.11.19Walla Walla, WAGesa Power House Theatre
09.14.19Longview, WAColumbia Theatre
08.17.19Port Townsend, WAAmerican Legion Hall
08.16.19Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
07.26.19La Pine, ORNewberry Event
07.19.19Richland, WAThe Uptown Theatre
06.15.19Hood River, ORThe Ruins
05.18.19Coos Bay, OREgyptian Theatre
05.17.19Grants Pass, ORRogue Theatre
04.13.19Bellingham, WAMt. Baker Theatre
04.12.19Seattle, WAColumbia City Theater
03.23.19Astoria, ORLiberty Theater
12.31.18Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
12.08.18Bingen, WAThe Bingen Theater
12.07.18Bingen, WAThe Bingen Theater
11.30.18Bend, WAThe Domino Room
10.13.18Spokane, WAThe Bing Crosby Theater
10.12.18Walla Walla, WAGesa Power House Theatre
09.22.18Longview, WAColumbia Theatre
08.11.18Port Townsend, WAAmerican Legion Hall
08.10.18Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
06.23.18Arcata, CAArcata Theatre Lounge
06.22.18Weed, CAWeed Palace Theater
06.01.18Seattle, WANectar Lounge
05.20.18Coos Bay, ORThe Egyptian Theater
05.19.18Grants Pass, ORThe Rogue Theatre
04.13.18Eugene, ORThe WOW Hall
04.07.18Bend, ORThe Domino Room
03.30.18Astoria, ORThe Liberty Theater
02.10.18Corvallis, ORMajestic Theater
12.31.17Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
12.09.17Bingen, WABingen Theater
12.08.17Bingen, WABingen Theater
10.14.17Lewiston, IDThe Third Wheel
10.13.17Spokane, WAThe Bing Crosby Theater
09.09.17Portland, ORRevolution Hall
08.20.17Monmouth, OR2017 Eclipse Concert
08.19.17Dallas, ORDallas Eclipse Celebration
08.12.17Port Townsend, WAAmerican Legion Hall
08.11.17Astoria, ORPort of Call/Astoria Event Center
08.10.17Bend, ORMunch & Music Concert Series
07.29.17Friday Harbor, WASan Juan Community Theatre
07.28.17Friday Harbor, WASan Juan Community Theatre
07.02.17Eugene, ORArt and the Vineyard Festival
06.17.17Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company
05.27.17Seattle, WANectar Lounge
05.20.17Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
04.15.17Bend, ORThe Domino Room
03.25.17Bingen, WABingen Theater
03.10.17Portland, ORWonder Ballroom
12.03.16Spokane, WAKnitting Factory
12.02.16Richland, WAJoker's
11.05.16Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
10.29.16Bend, ORDeschutes Altercross Warehouse Party
10.15.16Bend, ORThe Domino Room
10.14.16Eugene, ORThe WOW Hall
10.01.16Seattle, WANectar Lounge
09.03.16Portland, ORDoug Fir Lounge
08.20.16La Grande, OREOU McKenzie Theater
08.19.16Boise, IDKnitting Factory
07.17.16Olympia, WACapitol Lakefair
07.16.16Port Townsend, WAHighway 20 Roadhouse
07.15.16Astoria, ORAstoria Event Center
06.18.16Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing
06.11.16Longview, WAColumbia City Theater
05.28.16Seattle, WAColumbia City Theater
04.30.16Sisters, ORThe Belfry
04.23.16Bingen, WAThe Bingen Theater
03.18.16Portland, ORRevolution Hall
02.13.16Friday Harbor, WASan Juan Community Theater
02.12.16Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
12.31.15Eugene, ORThe WOW Hall
11.14.15Seattle, WAColumbia City Theater
08.22.15Port Townsend, WAHighway 20 Roadhouse
08.21.15Olympia, WARhythm & Rye
07.25.15La Pine, ORNewberry Event
07.24.15Otis, ORRun 21 Festival
07.18.15Astoria, ORAstoria Event Center
07.17.15Astoria, ORAstoria Event Center
06.20.15Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company
06.06.15Sisters, ORThe Belfry
05.16.15Boise, IDKnitting Factory
05.15.15Kennewick, WAThe Roxy
05.09.15Eugene, ORThe WOW Hall
04.25.15Spokane, WAKnitting Factory
04.24.15Moscow, IDJohn's Alley
03.20.15Portland, ORDoug Fir Lounge
03.07.15Bingen, WABingen Theater
01.31.15Seattle, WAColumbia City Theater
10.17.14Corvallis, ORMajestic Theater
09.27.14Bend, ORVolcanic Theater Pub
09.12.14Portland, ORWonder Ballroom
08.16.14Astoria, ORAstoria Event Center
08.09.14Port Townsend, WASirens Pub
08.08.14Seattle, WANectar Lounge
07.25.14La Pine, ORNewberry Event
06.21.14Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company
05.31.14Boise, IDKnitting Factory
05.30.14Richland, WAJoker's Casino
05.03.14Moscow, IDJohn's Alley
05.02.14Spokane, WAKnitting Factory
04.25.14Seattle, WAColumbia City Theater
04.19.14Portland, ORBob White Theater
03.07.14Portland, ORAlhambra Theater
11.23.13Eugene, ORCozmic Presents
11.16.13Seattle, WAColumbia City Theater
10.12.13Sisters, ORThe Belfry
10.05.13Portland, ORAlhambra Theater
09.21.13Boise, IDKnitting Factory
09.20.13Richland, WAJoker's
09.07.13Hood River, ORWacoma Club
08.03.13Port Townsend, WASiren's Pub
06.22.13Spokane, WAKnitting Factory
06.21.13Moscow, IDJohn's Alley
06.15.13Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company
04.27.13Portland, ORDante's
04.20.13Sisters, ORThe Belfry
01.25.13Eugene, ORCozmic Presents
01.11.13Seattle, WAColumbia City Theater
12.31.12Portland, ORMt. Tabor Theater
12.01.12Boise, IDKnitting Factory
11.30.12Hood River, ORWaucoma Club
09.29.12Eugene, ORShipwrecked Festival
09.08.12Corvallis, ORMajestic Theater
07.27.12Blodgett, ORBurntWoodStock Festival
06.30.12Boise, IDKnitting Factory
06.29.12Kennewick, WARoxy Wine Bar
06.15.12Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company
06.01.12Portland, ORMt. Tabor Theater
05.19.12Moscow, IDJohn's Alley
05.18.12Hood River, ORThe Waucoma Club
04.26.12Seattle, WAEl Corazon
01.28.12Eugene, ORCozmic Presents
01.21.12Portland, ORDante's
12.16.11Cottage Grove, ORAxe & Fiddle
10.22.11Portland, ORTonic Lounge
10.21.11Albany, ORCalapooia Brewing Company
10.15.11Hood River, ORThe Waucoma Club
05.21.11Portland, ORKelly's Olympian
12.31.09Portland, ORMt. Tabor Theater
10.30.09Portland, ORTonic Lounge
10.24.08Portland, ORDante's
09.27.08Corvallis, ORMajestic Theater
07.05.08Albany, ORAlbany Timber Carnival
05.31.08Eugene, ORGemini Fest
09.22.07Portland, ORThe Fez Ballroom
08.04.07Boise, IDThe Bouquet
06.01.07Corvallis, ORPeacock's
05.19.07Portland, ORThe Fez Ballroom
04.07.07Moscow, IDJohn's Alley
01.26.07Hood River, ORRiver City Saloon
12.16.06Portland, ORKaosmosis Sol Ball
10.26.06Portland, ORSabala's Mt. Tabor